U-Smile Project

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U-Smile Project

In 2020, we built the first version of the website for the company U-Smile. 3 years later, the leaders wanted to give a facelift and raise the level of the website a notch. We were delighted to hear it and not a minute wasted, the new version (v2) is complete and online.

A cleaner, more minimalist design, clearer calls-to-action + more simplified and simpler contact and quote forms for visitors. A better presentation of U-Smile products and services, but also an optimization of the loading speed of the pages of the entire site.

And many more details have been realized for this project.

The VR Agency team is very proud to be able to present this great achievement.

U-Smile: The solution for individuals, self-employed and companies to reduce their bills & financial charges.

u-smile création site internet

The following elements were made for this collaboration:

  • Re-Construction of a showcase site – Responsive website
  • Content Management System – CMS Management and Integration
  • Creation of custom templates
  • Integration of photo galleries and sliders
  • SEO set up
  • Quote form integration
  • Creation of visuals
  • Creation of “Job” campaign + visuals
  • On-site marketing photo shoot
  • Social media management

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