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The Van Lab is a small company located in Brussels, specializing in the creation of personalized layouts for vehicles, thus transforming them into real nomadic habitats. The web agency was tasked with developing a visual identity and a website for this unique project.

For the logo, the agency created a distinctive design that reflects the spirit of adventure and customization that The Van Lab represents. It embodies the idea of a creative laboratory for vehicles. The website, for its part, has been carefully developed to meet the needs of the company and those of its potential customers.

The website is resolutely minimalist, highlighting black as the dominant color to create an elegant and modern atmosphere. It was developed using a responsive approach, ensuring an optimal browsing experience, regardless of the platform or device used by visitors.

The entire project, from the logo to the website, embodies the very essence of The Van Lab: personalization, quality and a sense of adventure. It provides an attractive and user-friendly showcase for the business, allowing visitors to discover the unique services offered by The Van Lab while highlighting its distinct visual identity.

Nicolas, the manager is a real van life enthusiast. Spirit of the traveler, he will help you in your projects.

The following elements were carried out for this collaboration:

  • Construction of a showcase site – Responsive website
  • Content Management System – CMS management and integration
  • Creation of tailor-made templates
  • Integration of photo galleries and sliders
  • SEO implementation
  • Call-to-action – request for information
  • Custom form integration
  • Creation and implementation of “the van lab” Google sheet
  • Google review integration

the van lab brussels

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