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 I Love My Combi Project

A superb project for this online goodies shop dedicated to the legendary Volkswagen Combi. The request was quite simple for this collaboration: a functional and intuitive online store.

We built the online store from A to Z: logo, product illustration images, banners, ect.

A service, one or products to sell online? If you want an online store? do not hesitate to contact us.

The following elements have been achieved for this collaboration:

  • Creation of an “online store” website – Responsive
  • Graphic design – Design design
  • Creation of a logo for the store
  • Manufacture of several visual supports
  • Content management system – CMS management and integration
  • Hosting / Hosting Hosting
  • Creation of custom templates
  • Personalized email addresses created

i love my combi projet

Thank you for your great job, the store is really as we had hoped.
Founder – I love my combi

volkswagen combi

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