Box Corner 2.0

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Box Corner 2.0 project

We had already carried out an update of the Box Corner site, a resumption of project for the reconstruction of this website (CMS shopify) in an ultra-fast time before a TV broadcast on a large Belgian channel. We were put in contact 48 hours before the TV show, a real challenge that we successfully met.

Today, we are a few months later and a 2.0 is born. A total makeover with a change / transfer of CMS for a much more extensive personalization of the website. We are very proud of this new version.

Thank you for your confidence.

The following elements have been produced for this collaboration:

  • Construction of a new website – Responsive website
  • CMS management and integration
  • Creation of custom templates and visuals
  • Integration of photo galleries and sliders
  • Integration of an animated map
  • Integration of a contact form
  • Integration of a video home page
  • SEO implementation

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